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Trinity Seven OVA

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The plot of the film begins when Arata accidently touches Lilith's Grimoire, "Hermes Apocrypha." He is suddenly engulfed by a dazzling white light, and a female appears in front of him. She goes by the name Lilim and considers Arata and Lilith to be her parents. Something in the world shifts at the same time she emerges. The long-forgotten Eternal Library comes to life. The White Demon Lord, the ultimate climax of Alchemy, is trapped in the Library. To assume the throne of Demon Lord, the White Demon Lord seeks to destroy Arata and the Trinity Seven. The White Demon Lord, brimming with unimaginable strength, confronts Arata, precipitating a terrible situation in which Arata and the Trinity Seven must save the planet in one final fight.

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