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Red Data Girl

Other name: Red Data Girl


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Despite this, she wishes to make a difference in her life. To demonstrate her commitment to complete this metamorphosis, Izumiko begins by shaving her bangs, which surprises both her classmates and bodyguards. And that's only the beginning! Yukimasa Sagara, her guardian, compels his son, Miyuki, to accompany her to the mountain shrine and become Izumiko's lifetime servant and protector. Unfortunately, Izumiko and Miyuki can't stand each other. They've known each other since they were kids, and Miyuki used to bully her horribly. He just can not comprehend what makes Izumiko so unique. His father refers to Izumiko as a goddess, but that can't be real, can it? Will Izumiko and Miyuki be able to put aside their differences? Is she, in fact, a literal goddess? Discover more in RDG: Red

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