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Penguin Highway

Other name: Penguin Highway


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Aoyama, the schoolboy, is bright, curious, and a little stubborn. He has a lot of thinking to do - after all, he'll be an adult in a few thousand days. With the time being, he'll have to settle for life as a fourth-grader. It's not that I have a poor life. Summer has here, and school is about to end. He has a crush on an attractive older woman he met at his dentist's office and who is mentoring him in his chess game. And a penguin colony has appeared in the center of Aoyama's tranquil small town. Where on Earth — or elsewhere – did these stumbling intruders originate? Aoyama and his associates set out on a scientific research expedition, employing rigorous scientific procedures and principles. Their discoveries, on the other hand, simply lead to

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