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Nanako Misonoo, 16, feels she has a bright future when she enrolls at the elite all-girls Seiran Academy. Instead, the unhappy girl is entangled in a web of deception, anguish, and jealousy. On top of that, she is picked as the Sorority's newest entrant, an elite organization whose members are the envy of the whole school. Nanako, who lacks the grace, riches, and skill of the other members, immediately arouses the wrath of her envious peers, particularly the fiery Aya Misaki. Nanako writes letters to her previous teacher, Takehiko Henmi, whom she lovingly refers to as "onii-sama," to deal with her increasingly tough school life (big brother). She also finds solace in her four closest friends: Tomoko Arikura, her childhood pal, the

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