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Noragami Aragoto

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Yato and Yukine's connection as god and Regalia has finally been repaired. Yato, as a minor and unknown deity, continues to do odd jobs for five yen each with the hopes of one day having millions of devotees and his own huge temple. He has yet to mend Hiyori Iki's frayed soul, yet she cheerfully prepares for high school. While things appear to be returning to normal, the tangled history of Yato and Bishamon—goddesses of battle and warriors—resurfaces. Bishamon has an unfathomable ancient resentment towards Yato, which leads to violent conflicts between them. To make matters worse, Bishamon's most trusted Regalia, Kazuma, is in debt to Yato. When lives are at danger, uncovering these truths may be the only way to right previous mistakes.

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