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Kageki Shoujo!!

Other name: Kageki Shoujo!!


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After being forced to leave JPX48 due to a contentious incident with a male fan, Ai Narata swears she would never engage with another guy again. Ai auditions for the all-female Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts, utilizing her abilities and intense desire to escape males. The school is well-known for producing the greatest actresses, many of whom go on to appear in the famed all-female Kouka Theatre Troupe. Ai, who comes from the idol industry, is the ideal choice for the school's hundredth generation class, but her distant personality alienates her from her peers. The only person who desires to become Ai's buddy is the eccentric Sarasa Watanabe. She enrolls at Kouka with the intention of becoming a top "otokoyaku" performer—an actress who portrays a variety of roles.

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