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Enmusubi no Youko-chan

Other name: Enmusubi no Youko-chan


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True love never dies, even when it is shared by a human and a nearly immortal youkai. Thankfully, fox spirit youkai have developed a remedy that allows a human to be reborn and ultimately retrieve memories of their previous life with the help of a Fox Spirit Matchmaker, allowing them to begin afresh with their favorite youkai. Enter Bai Yuechu, a strong human Taoist seeking independence from the governing Yi Qi Dao League, and Tushan Susu, a little and innocent fox spirit who aspires to be a renowned matchmaker despite her reputation as a massive screw-up. Susu physically falls through the ceiling and into his life, and Yuechu is drawn into assisting her in reuniting two estranged lovers: prince Fan Yun Fei and his reincarnated lover, Li Xueyang. 

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