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Black Bullet (Dub)

Other name: Black Bullet (Dub)


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In the year 2021, humanity is plagued by an outbreak of Gastrea, a parasitic virus, and is compelled to dwell behind the Monolith walls, which are made of Varanium, a metal capable of subduing Gastrea. Soon after, infants born with the Gastrea virus and endowed with superhuman skills are found and branded "Cursed Children." The Cursed Children could only be female due to the Gastrea virus's influence. Civil Securities are developed to specialize in battling Gastrea, with the help of an Initiator, who is a cursed kid, and a Promoter, who serves to guide the cursed children. Ten years after the outbreak, Rentar Satomi, a high school student who simultaneously works as a Promoter for his father's Tend Civil Security Agency,

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